This project was started because of the recognition of a void. In spring/summer 2007, in the midst of exam stress, I forced myself to take a break and attend an islamic lecture. I can’t recall much of what was said, but one thing stayed with me; and this was the complete love of the speakers for the Prophet (pbuh), and their striving to be like him and to gain closeness to God. I never really got over it, because the lectures weren’t even about the Prophet (pbuh), but their love radiated through their speech. And this made me think- do any of my actions remind people of the Prophet (pbuh), and soften their hearts in such a manner that they feel that they are missing something by being far from him?


The answer was, of course, in the negative. And the sadness in my heart made me really really want to change. So this prompted a weekly email on the Prophet (pbuh), in an effort to make me keep up my learning and share it with others. 


And so, the majority of the blog posts are from emails that were sent out throughout the summer of 2007, and newer ones will be uploaded as they are written inshAllah.


May Allah allow us to learn and teach and better ourselves and the world around us. Ameen.


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  • 1. inpursuitofjustice  |  April 4, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    Haven’t read any of the posts yet but inspired by your dedication…keep up the hard work.

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